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As you know Data analytics refers to the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing large sets of data (big data) to discover patterns and other useful information that will help you identify the data that is most important to the business and future business decisions.

Cloud analytics allows organizations or individuals to perform business analysis or intelligence procedures using cloud models such as SaaS business intelligence (BI) and social media analytics products powered by the cloud.

Cloud analytics is a type of cloud service model where data analysis and related services are performed on a public or private cloud. Cloud analytics can refer to any data analytics or business intelligence process that is carried out in collaboration with a cloud service provider.

Cloud analytics is also known as Software as a Service (SaaS)-based business intelligence (BI). Cloud analytics is primarily a cloud-enabled solution that allows an organization or individual to perform business analysis or intelligence procedures.

In account to the growing volumes of data in the cloud, cloud analytics solutions are widely gaining importance in the Business Intelligence domain.

How to use Cloud Analytics?

There are several advantages that accompany cloud analytics, starting with the flexibility the model offers for organizations. On-premise solutions tend to be custom-built, and scaling becomes expensive when you need to purchase more storage. Moreover, cloud analytics offers a more versatile solution for companies with shifting analytics requirements. Additionally, cloud BI tools provide faster access to real-time data, allowing for better insights and faster, more accurate decision making.

Many organizations use cloud analytics for social media and web traffic due to their immediacy to the data. Social media analytics tools allow companies to make decisions on the spot and visualize how different campaigns and strategies are working in real-time. For websites, understanding the real data available with cloud-hosted BI solutions lets organizations constantly tweak and fine-tune their user experience, as well as uncover any errors or friction points that their users encounter.

Another common use for cloud analytics is data warehousing. For organizations that use cloud analytics, data warehousing on-premise forces data to travel farther before being analyzed. Instead, cloud-based data warehouses supply companies with the ability to directly collect, scrub, and prepare the data to be analyzed as soon as it flows in. This helps reduce wasted resources while concurrently delivering better intelligence.

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