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Carlos Barge

Today, talent analytics is mainly used by HR departments, as it offers tools that are highly complementary to their mandate. This subset of data analytics focuses on understanding people data that can inform decisions related to hiring, retaining, or improving results of a pool of current or potential employees.

The field has gained increasing importance as companies look for improvements both big and small that can streamline operations and maximize a team’s potential.

Most importantly, perhaps, the field empowers HR departments and companies to increasingly quantify the aspects of managing people that can deliver the largest gains. For instance, companies could find metrics that quantify engagement, decision-making success, and even the likelihood of an employee leaving after a short period of time.

We have found that of all the critical areas that make up a complete talent management system, talent data analytics has the most room to grow. Talent leaders & managers have only begun to scratch the surface of understanding what conditions lead to human performance.

There has been very little focus on gathering the data needed to demonstrate the connections between talent actions and business outcomes. Look for this to change as companies will need to answer the questions – “Do we have an effective talent strategy?” and “Do we have the best talent in our most important roles?”

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