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Uncover any competitor strategy, and discover what’s working for them.

We provide an in-depth knowledge of your competitors’ performance across all digital channels as well of the effectiveness of their media strategy and resource allocation.

Market & Traffic Analysis

Take a peek at how your competitors obtain traffic to their websites. Which media channel generates the best results and in which geo is their brand more resonant. This will allow you to analyze your own traffic acquisition strategy and adjust according to a benchmark of the market.

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  • Market Intelligence

    A refreshed view around market size and positioning of key players. This analysis will serve as a benchmark for strategic planning and gauge where the market is heading.
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  • Geo Distribution

    The geographical distribution of website visits gives a good indication of where interest in your brand and in your competitors’ brands mostly lies. This allows you to create better-targeted media campaigns that will reach your customers where they are.
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  • Website Traffic Performance

    How do your competitors’ websites pan out when compared to yours? See who is ahead of the game in traffic acquisition.

  • Marketing Channels

    A look at the media channels used to acquire traffic may give you an indication of where you need to invest more (or less) in order to achieve better results.

Customer Analytics

A thorough analysis of your competitive set’s digital audience and their most relevant profile characteristics, providing you with deep knowledge on their interests, lifestyle and digital behavior, as well as insight on how to reach your target segments.

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  • Demographic Information

    Who is your audience? Learn who exactly you are communicating to and adjust that communication based on demographic data.

  • Consumers’ Digital Behavior

    What is your audience’s online behavior? Know which channels they navigate through, in which websites they are most present and how they prefer to be reached.

  • Audience Overlap

    Is your audience really just yours? Take a look at which portion of your audience you are currently sharing with your competitors and create an effective user retention strategy to improve customer loyalty.

  • Clickstream Behavior

    What websites is your audience looking at, before and after they land on yours? This gives you a good indication of how people are reaching your website and at which point in their their online journey they access your website.

Organic & Paid Search

A look at your competitors’ search strategy, organic and paid. We provide an understanding of the driving forces behind this strategy and, a look at the content and services offered by competitors to entice their customers and drive traffic to their websites.

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  • Organic Position Distribution

    Find out for which topics your are positioning above your competitors on the Search Engine Results Page and for which topics they have the lead. This will allow you to rearrange the contents of your website to rise to the top positions and overtake competition.

  • Paid Search Investment

    Dive into your competitors’ paid search campaigns and according to the investment deployed and the results obtained, adjust your own paid search strategy.

  • PPC Competing Keywords

    Find out which paid keywords you are competing for and uncover opportunities to drop your cost per click by investing in more targeted yet less competitive keywords.

  • Google Shopping Ads

    If you are an ecommerce brand, we make it possible to get an overview of your competitors’ Google shopping ads for products similar to yours that are showing up for the same keywords as your products

Display & Native Ad

We will give you a bird’s eye view of any competitor’s media buying strategy. See their most successful publishers, networks, ad types and more. Uncover new traffic sources and placements that are already working for advertisers in your industry, plus estimated ad spend down to the dollar amount.

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  • Display Ad Spend

    Uncover who’s buying, which network they’re using, and how much they’re spending. Identify relevant competitors in your industry who are already spending a significant amount of money on display campaigns.

  • Display Campaigns & Creatives

    Develop your creative strategy with insights from the Top Ads. Identify key differences in a competitive set using side-by-side ad campaigns by product, and modify your strategy accordingly. Compare ad spend, share of voice, and other key metrics.

  • Top Publishers

    We show you which publishers your competitors buy the most traffic from. Leverage this information to spend smarter by testing out publishers that have already been proven to work for your competition.

  • Video Ads

    We give special attention to video ads, since they are on the rise. Take a look at where they are promoted, and what message they deliver to the consumers you are trying to reach.

TV Advertising Analytics

We provide you with analytics on your competitors’ most impactful TV ads. Take a look at the number of airings obtained, the amount of households that watched it, the networks on which they aired, and the investment deployed to promote them.

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  • TV Ads Performance

    TV is not a lost art. Take a look at your competitors’ TV ads, and measure their performance (Airings, TV Impressions, Social Impressions, Household Reach, etc) against your own TV ads.

  • Share of TV Spend

    See how much your competitors spent to run their TV ads for a specific period of time and across which networks this investment was divided.

  • TV Ad Exposure Impact on Conversions

    Are TV ads still effective though? Measure the impact of your competitors’ ads on real foot traffic and see how effective they are at bringing customers through the doors.

  • TV Ad Attention & Sentiment Analysis

    See how these ads resonate with your customers and evaluate your own messaging so as to beat your competitors.

Social Media Sensing

Dive into your competitors’ social media strategies and campaign performance. Take a look at user engagement and social media content of brands who communicate with the same customers as you.

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  • Social Media Performance

    Gather information on your competitors’ performance on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter.

  • Social Ads Campaigns

    Compare your competitors’ campaigns to yours in terms of creatives, messaging and post frequency.

  • User Activity & Engagement

    See how consumers are interacting with your competing brands and how these brands are maintaining their users engaged.

  • Social Media Content Analysis

    What content are these brands sharing/promoting on social media? See which content your customers prefer and which posts and type of content they interact with the most.

Mobile App Intelligence

Assessment of an app’s historical performance and user engagement metrics as well as audience insights for better campaign targeting.

Analysis of competing apps to understand which drive the largest volume of traffic, downloads, usage and revenue.

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  • App Downloads

    Find out how your competing apps’ downloads are distributed over the year, and identify monthly peaks in which to increase your marketing efforts.

  • App Performance and Engagement

    Metrics such as Daily and Monthly active users are important to help benchmark your app’s performance against that of your competitors’ apps.

  • App Affinity & Cross-App Usage

    Discover what apps your users have installed on their devices and target those app users on your mobile app marketing campaigns.

  • App Revenue

    Get data related to store or in-app revenue. Find out whether or not the app’s price is related to the amount of downloads obtained.

Email Monitoring

A competitor’s email marketing activities analysis that provides quality insights to draw your own strategy. Get information about the frequency of sending, the most popular day of the week, sending times and the content of the emails.

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  • Email Campaigns & Creatives

    Compare your email campaigns to those of your competition and benchmark and study the results obtained so you can adjust your email marketing strategy.

  • Email Sending Frequency

    Find out the frequency with which your competitors send out promotional emails and which days and hours of the week work best for them.

  • Email Journeys

    Gather data on your competitors’ email journey and find out how effective their emails are at reaching consumers and achieving the desired action, whether that’s a sign-up, a subscription or a purchase.

  • Email Deliverability Rates

    See if your competitors’ emails are reaching the inbox of their customers or going straight to spam.

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