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With over 1.7 billion websites on the internet, it goes without saying that the competition to get eyeballs on your content is pretty stiff. Gone are the days when all you had to do to attract visitors to your website was just put up a website and slap a few pages of content on it. Today, thanks to Google’s quality guidelines, the quality of the content published on the internet is very good. That’s why you need to move beyond just creating quality content, but create content that drives results. So…How do you do that? One word – psychographics.

Let’s quickly look at 3 main reasons psychographics should always be a part of your content creation process.

Offers a Personalized Experience

The main reason is that psychographic data helps you align your messaging to speak directly to your target audience – it gives your audience a personalized experience. There’s a strong case for marketing personalization. And in the highly competitive environment you’re publishing your content in, you’ll want to set yourself apart from other publishers.

The solution?

Give your readers a personalized experience with your content. Yes, demographics can help you here, but only so far. Your readers need to feel like every word you’ve penned was written specifically for them. That’s exactly what psychographics will help you achieve. By touching on the things that matter to your audience the most, your content will feel more personalized. And yes, personalization is a big deal. Research shows that 88% of customers expect a personalized experience on all digital platforms.

Increases Engagement

One of the biggest reasons to leverage psychographic data in your content creation is that it increases engagement. The reason behind this is that people love spending time with people who understand them. If your content makes them feel like you get them, they’ll engage with your content on a deeper level. And as you well know, engagement is the doorway to conversions.

Fosters Brand Loyalty

Another reason psychographics is a powerful content creation ingredient is that they help foster brand loyalty.

Why is this?

Simple. People generally trust people and brands that share the same values, principles, belief systems, interests, etc. This will particularly be more effective when you align your value proposition to your audience’s core values. When your audience feels they connect with your content, it will be you they’ll think of first when they need information related to your product or services.

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