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A customer journey is about the path a customer might take on the journey to a product or service.

From a marketing point of view, a customer will find your advert on some platform and take some action. Lets use YouTube as an example. They are browsing their favourite YouTube videos and your advert pops up. They decide to view your video by clicking the link.

Once you have shown them your video, a marketer will offer some call to action to motivate the customer to take the next step. This is usually to click a link through to a landing page, where the marketer offers something else to the customer.

All of these steps should be congruent for the customer. That is, if you appear in the video in your apartment, and then on your landing page in a different scenario, it is less congruent. Or, if you show yourself in the initial video and then, when the customer lands on your website they see someone else., it can be confusing to the message of your advertising.

The customers journey should allow them to seamlessly move from one platform to another without any major conflicts.

Once inside the sales funnel, a customer should also see your messages and ideally have some link to who you are, what you stand for, and what your content is about.

The customer journey is all about taking a potential customer through a series of steps towards them making a purchasing decision in your sales funnel. If, in any step, you confuse your customer, they have a greater chance of leaving your website, advert or sales materials and never returning. So keeping up the continuity of your message on their journey is vital to the marketer.

The sales funnel is the marketing strategy which the marketer uses to give the experience to the customer. A sales funnel starts with the advertising and leads customers to a landing page where they can offer a ‘legitimate bribe’ in exchange for the customers email details.

Once they have this, they can follow up with the customer with a series of emails. These emails will contain products and services which contain more value and further products the further down the funnel a customer travels.

A customer journey is therefore the experience of a customer as they travel through your sales funnel (assuming you’re the marketer).

The sales funnel is a series of adverts, emails and products which a marketer can offer to a customer who might be interested in them.

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