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Carlos Barge

More than half of small businesses (52%) will outsource business processes in 2019. Small businesses will most frequently outsource accounting (21%), IT services (20%), and digital marketing responsibilities (20%).

In this new survey report, Clutch surveyed 529 U.S. small business owners and managers to understand their outsourcing plans and preferences. Experts in the survey recommend that small businesses set clear expectations and goals for the work they plan to outsource. Otherwise, outsourcing can cause issues with communication, quality of products, or security.

Outsourcing Can Increase Efficiency and Expertise

Small businesses primarily outsource to increase the efficiency (24%) and available expertise of their company (18%).

More Technical Responsibilities Can Benefit From Outsourcing

Small businesses currently most commonly outsource accounting (37%), IT services (37%), and digital marketing (34%) tasks.

Accounting requires more specific skills, such as Excel or mathematical analysis, and the financial information accounting produces can set the direction for the rest of the company. Businesses can benefit from outsourcing accounting to ensure their company doesn’t suffer from decisions based on incorrect data or analysis.

IT services and digital marketing can also only succeed with in-depth knowledge of more specific skills, such as coding or search engine optimization.


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