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Every research should start with a question. What is the goal of the research? Usually, there are high-end goals and low-end goals. For example, a high-end goal could be to increase conversion rate, and a low-end goal would be to optimize the signup workflow. After you are clear about the goals you are pursuing you can continue with formulating a hypothesis.

Then, you need to define which metrics you are going to use to validate that hypothesis. In this case, for example, some good metrics could be the number of signups, churn rate in each step of the signup process and value of sign-ups. Once you have this, you need to design the experiment: what tools are you going to use? what resources do you need? how long will the experiment take?

After conducting the experiment, you need to evaluate your hypothesis based on your findings and then present the outcome to your team. A good visualization of the findings is required to communicate your ideas clearly. Sometimes, you will need to re-design your experiment based on your findings and some other times an implementation plan will follow your research.

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