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Ad Whales

Ad whales are a small percentage of app users who generate a great deal of mobile app revenue, simply by watching and engaging with ads. These users are a quintessential part of any app monetization campaign.

How to find the Ad Whales?

Unlike In-App Purchases, ad revenue events are not generated inside your app. Finding the Ad Whales is almost impossible unless you have an ad traceback system in place. Traceback is a technology that allows you to trace ad revenue back to the user level. Once you have such a system in place, it’s easy to see who are the users that contribute the most amount of ad revenue.

Why ad whales matter to your spending strategy?

Targeting ad whales with proper strategies, such as in-app messaging and push notifications increases their likelihood of engaging with ads, proving to be very effective with these high-value users. See full article for more details.