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Adobe Analytics

An analytics software made by Adobe that gathers data on real-time web analytics and marketing channels. It is similar to Google Analytics and can be used to better understand a website’s marketing segments and user interaction.

What is the difference between Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics?

The difference between these two tools is similar to the differences between Adobe and Google Analytics Free/premium.

Adobe Analytics – The Adobe Analytics Standard version lacks sophisticated attribution modeling support. There is an option to pay more for the Premium version or the Attribution feature which is quite robust via Adobe Data Workbench (static models, dynamic models, and more). The Adobe Analytics Standard version will provide a Marketing Channel report that gives you insight into first-click and last-click channels.

Google Analytics – Attribution Modeling and the Multi-Channel Funnels are perhaps one of the largest distinguishing features of Google Analytics 360. You can select from a data-driven model (uses your own data to automatically build a model from both converting and non-converting user journeys), preset static models (first click, linear, last click, time decay, and more), or customize one of the static models to fit your business logic. This all being said, unless you are bringing in your offline data to Google Analytics, you may not get the complete attribution picture. If your needs exceed this feature’s capabilities, there’s always Google Attribution 360 that connects directly to the Google Analytics data and other data sources.

What is Adobe Analytics’ default attribution model?

It is configurable. You can select any attribution against any metric on the fly in the new Analysis workspace when you build out a project and add metrics to the canvas. Note all these are rules-based models. There are more options if you want to apply predictive attribution. See full article for more details.

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