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Algorithm Change

Some algorithmic changes go completely unnoticed. However, the impact of a major algorithmic change can usually be seen quite quickly, though the change sometimes takes a few weeks to completely roll out. Algorithmic changes come in three forms:

1) Algorithm Update: The search engine changes certain signals of an existing algorithm.
2) Algorithm Refresh: The search engine re-runs an existing algorithm using the exact same signals as last time.
3) New Algorithm: The search engine adds a new algorithm to improve search quality. For example: Google Panda, Google Penguin.

What is Google Penguin and Google Panda in SEO?

There are various algorithms in Google that influence the search ranking. Penguin and Panda are also part of the algorithm that works on different elements. Penguin is for the quality of links whereas Panda is for the quality of content. See full article for more details.

How to find out if my website is penalized by Google or not?

There are mainly 2 types of penalties and it is important to know their difference. The first one is Manual Penalty and the second one is Algorithmic Penalty. So, If you think that your site is been panelized by Google, then you easily check it by visiting the Webmaster tool > Search traffic > Manual actions.