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Alt Attribute

Also known as Alt Text, is an HTML code that provides information used by search engines and screen readers (for blind and visually-impaired people) to understand the contents of an image.

What is the purpose of the alt attribute in HTML images?

The required alt attribute specifies an alternate text for an image if the image cannot be displayed. The alt attribute provides alternative information for an image if a user for some reason cannot view it (because of slow connection, an error in the src attribute, or if the user uses a screen reader).

Can we use the same ALT tag and title for a given picture?

It is valid but highly not recommended, usually, there is a structure you should follow to get the most of the SEO juice available. Most webmasters often overlook the importance of image optimization in terms of SEO. Most of us think that Alt tag and Title they both are same. But it’s also a matter of fact that Google has accentuated it for both users as well as search engines. So we have to be particular before choosing your alt tag and image title as they are totally different attributes and serve different purposes. See full article for more details.