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App Churn Rate

App churn rate is the percentage of users who uninstall or stop engaging with an app over time. This app metric is typically measured at 30 days, 7 days, and 1 day after users first install the app. App churn rate is the exact opposite of app retention rate.

Where app retention rate reveals how loyal a user base is over a period of time, app churn rate shows app developers exactly when in the app lifecycle users begin dropping off. To understand why users churn, app developers can use cohorts, which enables them to leverage user behavioral data to better understand drop off points in their in-app experience, and address them in order to retain app users.

What are the best ways to reduce app churn rate?

Customer churn – also known as customer attrition – refers to the rate at which customers who purchase or subscribe to your product or service offering end their relationship with you and stop bringing in revenue for your business. Reasons for customer churn can be personal and unique to each customer, but they usually fall under a few common categories. See full article for more details.

Could the customer churn rate be negative?

Negative customer churn rates occur when the revenue from your existing customer base grows quickly enough to offset the revenue lost from customers who canceled during that time period. Negative churn is a bit of a contradictory statement- how can churn be negative? In reality, negative churn is an attempt to understand net organic revenue growth in terms of the churn rates you know and love.