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App Demographics

App demographic data provides insight into the age and gender breakdown of any apps’ user base, including the average ratings by these cohorts over the last 30 days. Marketers use this data to better understand their target audience and identify data-driven user acquisition campaigns.

How to determine an app’s user demographics?

There are some services like us that can provide detailed mobile app demographics. But the app has to be “Quantified” — meaning they would have had to implement the SDK to get data. They would also have to leave their profile open to the public so you could see their demographics. Maybe you can recommend the SDK to apps or test it out and see if you like it.

How to define the user segments for your app?

Effective user segmentation helps track the various individual journeys of every app user. Relying on advanced industry-first data-driven analytics features such as funnels and flows are guaranteed to complement the process of gleaning real-time user behavior insights and eventually conceptualize, create and run highly personalized user engagement campaigns across multiple channels. See full article for more details.