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AR (Augmented Reality) Advertising

AR advertising is a mobile ad unit which uses the smartphone camera to superimpose 3D assets, such as game characters and scenarios from the advertised game, onto the user’s real world surroundings. AR ads can run on both iOS and Android in-app traffic, within rewarded video and display placements.

How are marketers currently using augmented reality?

Mobile has become one of the most significant media types through which consumers interact with brands and make purchase decisions. AR gives you another tool in your belt when it comes to driving sales and enhancing brand value through mobile devices. See full article for more details.

What are the business opportunities with augmented reality?

Currently, as Augmented Reality solutions go mainstream, small businesses are entering the race to use the AR technology. Different trends are getting introduced by the time that’s why augmented reality technology becomes more sophisticated and less expensive. It is clear that Augmented reality is here to create the market for small businesses that are stepping into tech race.