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Branded Keyword

Keywords can be placed into different categories.

What is a branded keyword?

A branded keyword is one that either contains the name of the brand or is directly related to the brand or its products.

Take Zara as an example. Branded keywords would be:

1. Zara

2. Zara dresses

3. Zara uk

4. Zara online

Branded vs Non Branded keyword

Non branded keywords are those with no direct connection to any brand and, as such, may be associated with several different brands. They are keywords related to a certain service or product common to a number of brands.

Looking at Zara again, here are some examples of non branded keywords:

1. Long dresses

2. Bags & Purses

3. Sandals

4. Sneakers, etc

These keywords could easily be associated with other brands such as Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, among others.

What are the benefits of targeting branded keywords first?

It depends on the popularity of your brand’s name. If you are a well-known brand, people are likely to search for you directly when in need of something you offer. As such, ranking for keywords related to your own brand is extremelly important.

However, if you are just starting out and are a new brand without much recognition, than ranking for branded keywords will be irrelevant at first as no one will be searching for your brand. Instead, focus on non branded keywords in order to associate your brand to a certain service searched by users.