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Contextual targeting

The process that matches ads to relevant sites in the Display Network using your keywords or topics, among other factors.

Contextual targeting is the practice of displaying ads based on a website’s content. Think: placing an ad for dishware on a recipe site, or an ad for running shoes on a running forum. It’s kind of like the digital version of placing a print ad in a niche magazine.

How contextual targeting works on Google?

Google’s system analyzes the content of each webpage to determine its central theme, which is then matched to your ad using your keywords and topic selections, your language and location targeting, a visitor’s recent browsing history, and other factors. Google Ads uses contextual targeting when an ad group has keywords or topics and its campaign is set to show ads on the Display Network.

What is contextual and behavioral targeting?

While behavioral targeting monitors the behavior of the online user, contextual advertising focuses solely on content. Contextual advertising is a compelling offering for marketers because as the content of a Web page changes, so do the ads.

What is the difference between Contextual targeting and Dynamic search ads?

Contextual targeting is a part of display advertising, where your ads are shown based on your targeting. Dynamic Search Ads use Google’s organic web crawling technology to automatically target relevant search queries based on a retailer’s website content. Read the full article for more details.

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