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Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate refers to all metrics that measure visitor engagement to a given website or mobile app. It can be measured through metrics that track how actively involved with your content your audience is. The engagement rate is a metric often used in analyzing the efficacy of brand campaigns.

What are the best metrics for measuring user engagement?

In today’s low-attention economy, site engagement can be considered an indicator of your website’s success. Content engagement metrics are important because they show how your content strategy aligns with user interest.

Furthermore, customer engagement is related with overall profitability, as engaged users are more likely to buy, become repeat customers, and share the product/service with other people. Before you decide on the specific user engagement metrics you want to track, you have to determine which ones make the most sense for your business.

How to measure the Instagram engagement rate?

It’s a simple question with sometimes complicated answers. To calculate your engagement rate, you will need to divide the number of interactions by either the number of subscribers or the scope of each publication. See full article for more details.