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Interactive Mobile Ads

Interactive ads are a type of mobile ad unit which is designed for user interaction, requiring users to take an active role in their ad experience. There are several types of interactive ads, including interactive video ads, interactive end cards, and playable ads. Interactive ads drive higher conversion rates and retention rates, increase LTV and brand awareness, and offer unique in-ad data for advertisers.

Which mobile ad networks provide an API for publishers?

If a publisher is interested in running an automated mobile CPI offer feed on their app or website, it is possible to acquire the API feed through Clickky’s AdExchange. It operates around 20k mobile offers daily for all Geos and devices. When a publisher integrates the API-operated feed into their content, the offers shown will match a visitor’s/user’s geographic location, OS version, device model and other characteristics. Users/visitors will only see relevant offers which can be monetized.

What are the benefits of digital video ads usage?

Video advertising, like any other advertising strategies, is capable of captivating its potential consumers since it is directed not only to the eyes but also to the ears of the audience. The techniques used to create advertising videos, allow you to see and hear the features, capabilities, and advantages of using certain products. See full article for more details.