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Likert Scale

A Likert scale is a rating scale, often found on survey forms, that measures how people feel about something. An effective Likert scale include a series of questions that you ask people to answer, and ideally 5-7 balanced responses people can choose from. It often comes with a neutral midpoint.

What is a 5 point Likert scale?

A type of psychometric response scale in which responders specify their level of agreement to a statement typically in five points: (1) Strongly disagree; (2) Disagree; (3) Neither agree nor disagree; (4) Agree; (5) Strongly agree.

What is the 7 point Likert scale?

A 7 point likert scale example for agreement will include options such as; strongly disagree, disagree, somewhat disagree, neither agree or disagree, somewhat agree, and agree while 7 point likert examples for frequency and satisfaction follows the same manner.

How do you evaluate Likert scales?

Likert scales are the most broadly used method for scaling responses in survey studies. Survey questions that ask you to indicate your level of agreement, from strongly agree to strongly disagree, use the Likert scale. The data in the worksheet are five-point Likert scale data for two groups.

What is the Likert Scale and how is it used?

Likert scale is one of the most widely used methods of scaling that is used for surveys. It is usually a 5 or a 7-point scale which is used to measure attitudes and opinions by asking your customers a bunch of questions on a particular topic or by using semantics. See the full article for more details.

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