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Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Monthly active users (MAU) is an app usage metric which reveals the total amount of users who visit an app within a 30 day period. MAU helps app developers understand their app’s popularity.

What is the best way to calculate MAU?

Monthly active users (MAU) is the aggregate sum of daily active users over a period of one month. In most cases, to be considered a “monthly active user,” a person has to open or view an app at least once in the period of one month. The ratio of DAU/MAU is typically a measure of ‘stickiness’ for internet products.

How many active users should a mobile application acquire before launching ads?

Through any app analytics tool, it is possible to track every user that logs in to your app. Mobile users have come to expect seeing mobile ads on their smartphone apps, there’s nothing unusual about it. Unlike most other digital advertising mediums, Mobile advertising allows for on-the-spot, relevant and individualized discount offers to be served to consumers in a timely manner, increasing the relevancy of these, as opposed to disrupting the experience; this, again, depends on how good your mobile SSP’s targeting technology is.

Our recommendation to mobile app/site publishers is not to be afraid of placing ads on their mobile space but to pay close attention to the technique used to serve them. Segmenting your users by pre-conceived grouping just doesn’t cut it anymore, it’s all about the individualized experience.

What do DAU and MAU mean in the context of product management?

DAU and MAU are super relevant for mobile product managers in terms of how many users are using your app on a daily or monthly basis. These are critical KPIs for a mobile product manager to monitor because it gives you clear insight into your active users. But it’s also good to sharpen our skills and be up-to-date with cutting edge practices and technology.