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Monthly Unique Visitors

Monthly Unique Visitors is the sum of devices visiting the analyzed domain, within the country and time period analyzed. Some traffic analysis tools calculate a unique visitor based on the visits of an anonymous unique ID over the period of a month time and others based on cookies, which is considered an unstable technology since it is susceptible to being manually or automatically deleted.

How to calculate unique monthly visitors?

The number of visits per unique visitor in the given time frame (month). This is calculated by dividing the number of total visits by the number of unique visitors.

What is the difference between unique visitors and impressions?

A visit is often defined as a single session from a visitor. A visitor can have multiple visits. A visit can generate multiple page views. If a page has multiple ad placements, the number of gross impressions will be many times higher than the number of visits.

For example, a visitor can view 20 pages. This will record as one unique visitor by the website log/analytics program. However, if this visitor sees 5 different ads during those 20 pages, the same visitor records 5 unique impressions, one unique impression for each ad.

Why are unique visitors important?

The unique visitors metric gives you a sense of the size of your audience. The relative importance of this depends on the purpose of your site or publication. If you are a brand, you may want to maximize the number of people that come to your site, with little regard for how many pages they access, as long as they follow your chosen path through the site.

If you are a niche publisher, you may not have a huge audience, but they may show loyalty and engagement by clicking deep into the site and generating page views. See full article for more details.