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MPP Database

An MPP Database (short for massively parallel processing) is a storage structure designed to handle multiple operations simultaneously by several processing units. In this type of data warehouse architecture, each processing unit works independently with its own operating system and dedicated memory.

What is MPP architecture?

MPP (massively parallel processing) is the coordinated processing of a program by multiple processors working on different parts of the program. Each processor has its own operating system and memory. MPP speeds the performance of huge databases that deal with massive amounts of data.

Is Teradata an MPP?

Yes, DB2 is indeed available in massively parallel processing (MPP) form and MPP is Teradata’s natural operating mode. So, if your goal is data warehousing with real-time analytics, check out Teradata. If you need a fast, MPP transactional database, check out DB2.

What is the difference between MPP and SMP processors?

SMP (symmetric multiprocessing), in which some hardware resources might be shared among processors. The processors communicate via shared memory and have a single operating system. MPP systems are physically housed in the same box, whereas cluster systems can be physically dispersed.

What does MPP mean in the context of databases?

In business intelligence, for instance, MPP databases mean that more people in an organization can run their own data analyses and queries simultaneously without experiencing lag or longer response times. See the full article for more details.

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