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Keywords are essential for any website and content strategy. They basically dictate the amount of traffic you acquire as well as its quality.

What are organic keywords and how are they used?

A keyword is the search term employed by the user to access certain information on a search engine. It is organic if the traffic acquired throught it is organic, meaning, not paid.

What is keyword research?

It is a research performed with the goal of optimizing the content of a website for a specific topic. By analyzing the search terms employed by users to reach certain information and inserting them in the website’s content, it becomes possible to make that website attractive to those users.

How to do keyword research for a website?

For a proper keyword research, it is highly recommended that you use some traffic analysis tool, such as Semrush, for example, that will help you figure out which keywords are currently leading traffic to your website as well as to your competitors’ websites.

Step 1: Is your website receiving traffic from keywords relevant to your business? If not, it could be the reason why your users are not converting on your website. The content leading them to you does not match what you offer on your website and those users will lose interest.

Step 2: Come up with a list of keywords relevant for your business and that you would like to add to the content in your website. Use a traffic analysis tool to take a look at the search volume of those keywords.

Step 3: Also, take a look at whether your competitors are ranking for those keywords. If they are and are well positioned for them, it can be hard for you to rank well. If they are not, then it could represent an opportunity for you to obtain highly qualified traffic.

Step 4: Close down your final list of relevant keywords and add them to your content.