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Search Engines are the base of the Internet as they are what allows for users to acquire the information they want.

What is a Search Engine and how does it work?

Google, Bing, Baidu and others are Search Engines. They have 3 main functions which are:

Crawl: To go over the content on the Internet, and follow the thread to every URL they can find.

Index: To store and sort through all the content found during the above-mentioned process. Once indexed, a page starts competing to be displayed for relevant search queries.

Rank: After indexing all the pages found, the search engine will analyze their content and rank the pages for each relevant search query. This allows it to provide the pieces of content that best answer every search query performed by the user.

What does SERP mean?

Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP) is the page that shows the list of results following a search.