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Refers to one or more words searched in a search engine, resulting in traffic to a domain/app. Search data refers to organic and paid search results, including the keywords that appear as ‘not provided’ in your Google Analytics account.

How to find what keywords people use to search on Amazon?

Amazon has one of the biggest catalogs of products. And very often one query of user can mean absolutely different products in different categories. Amazon ranking algorithm tries to predict user needs. That’s why you need to understand well:

1) What information is important for the user on the product page?

2) Which keywords can the user use to find your product?

How to get keywords with high searches and low competition?

Performing competitor keyword research is one of the best ways to boost your search optimization game. If you can figure out your competitor’s keywords, you can use that insight to guide your own SEO strategy and potentially gain a competitive edge in the search results. See full article for more details.

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