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Share of Voice

Share of voice provides a better understanding of a brand’s market position.

What is the share of voice?

Share of voice is a measure of a brand’s market share when compared to its competitors. It is a way to measure a brand’s visibility as well as how much the conversation in the industry is dominated by that brand.

How to determine the share of voice for a brand?

In order to calculate a brand’s share of voice, it is necessary to choose a metric to use for comparison, whether that metric is organic keywords, impressions, reach, revenue, mentions, hashtags, etc.

Take that metric, the one referent to your brand, and divide it by the same metric but referent to the industry. Multiply that value by 100 and you have the percentage of that brand’s share of voice for that metric in particular.

Here’s an example using organic impressions as the metric to measure:

[195 000 (brand’s impressions)/1 524 202 (industry’s impressions)] x 100 = 12.8%

In this case, the share of voice of this brand is 12.8%.