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Television Viewer Rating (TVR)

Television Viewer Rating (TVR) is an estimate of audience size watching the TV programming relative to the number of reachable households or individuals or universe. This figure is expressed as a percentage.

How do TV stations count viewers?

In many countries, including the US, the Nielsen Company uses in-house devices that track the viewing habits of thousands of people. These numbers represent what average people of a certain age and gender watch, which then indicates the number of viewers who probably watch a particular show.

How do television ratings work? Are they just the percentage of viewers?

There are two different ways Nielsen ratings are generated. Larger markets (Chicago, New York, even Tulsa) are considered metered markets. These are set-top boxes that measure exactly which channel you are watching and at what time. See the full article for more details.

What are TV rating points?

Ratings point is a measure of viewership of a particular television programme. One single television ratings point (Rtg or TVR) represents 1% of television households in the surveyed area in a given minute.

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