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View-through conversion window

The period of time after an impression during which a view-through conversion will be recorded. View-through conversions occur after an ad impression, if the user doesn’t interact with the ad, then later converts.

You can set your view-through conversion window when you create or edit conversion actions. For example, if you pick 30 days for a conversion action, then view-through conversions that happen within 30 days after an impression are tracked. A longer view-through conversion window will usually increase the number of view-through conversions Google Ads records.

How are view through conversions tracked?

This feature provides a measure of the number of online conversions that happened within 30 days after a user saw, but did not click, an Ad Exchange ad. View-through conversions are tracked via a cookie that is placed on a user’s computer; conversions are reported only for Ad Exchange ads that run on Ad Exchange sites.

Does Google Analytics track view through conversions?

On June 19, Google announced a new feature that brings view-through conversion tracking to Google Analytics for advertisers using the GDN. Soon, in the multi-channel funnel reports, you will be able to see and connect activity and interactions from users who view (but do not click) on banner ads and YouTube video ads.

How to earn more view-through conversions for Google Shopping?

View-through conversions have long been an available metric on Google Adwords. But in March 2017 came the news that should make all online retailers pay attention. Google has made a number of key changes to view-through conversions. See full article for more details.

What is a cross device conversion?

Google Ads offers cross-device conversions to track conversions that happen when someone clicks an ad and then completes a conversion on another device, browser, or app. For Search and Shopping campaigns, cross-device conversions are automatically counted in the “Conversions” column.

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