Case Study

How Elsevier shifted Reaxys perceptions by reformulating its digital marketing and communication strategy


Headquartered in Amsterdam, Elsevier has more than 7,500 employees and serves customers in over 180 countries. Elsevier provides information analytics solutions and digital tools in the areas of strategic research management, R&D performance, clinical decision support, and professional education. The portfolio of solutions includes ScienceDirect, Reaxys, Knovel, ClinicalKey, among others.

Elsevier wanted to better understand how different levels of investment in media and content-led generation impacted the business from a commercial perspective in the short and long term. The company was looking to establish a best practice for balancing investment in customer acquisition and brand support for Reaxys digital program, in all sales environments.

In order to properly determine the effectiveness of the Demand generation funnel vs. Lead generation, Elsevier requested us to conduct an in-depth digital strategy analysis of its product Reaxys and its main competitor SciFinder in the areas of chemistry and pharma.


As an integral part of this project, we worked to help Elsevier establish which factors are important drivers in the consumer’s choice and decision-making process. The purpose of this report was to obtain accurate information on the competitor’s strategies providing Elsevier actionable insights to evolve its digital marketing strategy.

The analysis included key information about organic, advertising, and social media channels and helped Elsevier review the objectives of the company’s program as well as creating a solid basis for new projects.

Throughout our analysis we have identified several improvement opportunities, namely the amendment of outdated messaging, new content areas to be developed and media investment to be made that contributed significantly to the generation of both traffic and leads.  

We found that researchers and chemical companies are looking for similar Reaxys’ features in different stages of their research across the drug discovery & development process. It helps to drive sales both in the long-run and in the short-run. Many scientists are unaware of Reaxys and the value it can add to their daily chemical information retrieval workflows.


Our findings led to the redesign of a new user flow, based on customer’s needs and challenges improving the user journey throughout the pages of Reaxys and contributing to higher conversion rates.

We have adjusted the media investment and campaigns’ segmentation to be closely aligned with researchers’ needs and challenges, minimizing cost and driving efficiency.

As a result of our study and changes:

  • The home page traffic increased 38%
  • The contact sales traffic increased 77,8%
  • The conversion rate increased from 5,4% to 15,5%

Additionally, the number of unique visitors in priority markets such as the USA, China and UK has increased 9,3%; while in Japan the number of unique visitors went up 31%.

This project gave Elsevier the rationale and the evidence to pursue a successful long-term investment strategy.

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