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The spanish supermarket industry is currently reaching a point of saturation. The last few years saw a great proliferation of supermarket stores that resulted from the crisis and the need to escape more expensive options sush as large stores and mom and pop gocery stores.

Nowadays, there are too many stores though, especially because Spain doesn’t have enough consumers to match this supply. This means that a lot of these smaller supermarket chains have started to suffer from rentability problems. It is predicted that stores will start to shut down in the near future so as to avoid this.

With a shortage of consumers, supermarkets need to have a great capacity to attract consumers in order to beat competing stores.

Understanding how to communicate to consumers in an effective and cost-efficient way is the key to navigating this almost saturated industry.

This report contains a short assessment of the supermarkets industry in Spain, in which the digital performance and communication of the top 5 brands was briefly analyzed, along with some insights regarding the audience that visited these brands websites during 2018.

Who is the Digital Audience
interested in these brands?

Display visits
Of visitors were from Madrid

Overall website visits

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