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Pre-Assessment of Digital Performance

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On-demand video streaming services are increasingly in demand due to cross-device usage and the need for convenience. This means digital consumers want content to be available to them on-demand and accessable from every device.

This has led to an increase in the number of players and intensified the level of competition in this market.

Online services such as on-demand video streaming, need to be aware of their overall digital performance as that will be their most important channel for customer acquisition. Equally important is being aware of potential competitors’ strategies in the above-mentioned channels so as to better understand how to rise above competition.

This report contains a short assessment of the On-Demand Video Streaming industry in the United States, in which the digital performance of 6 streaming services providers was briefly analyzed, along with some profiling data of the audience that visited these brands’ websites during 2018.

Who is the Digital Audience
interested in these brands?

Use TV to access the Internet

Are Millennials

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