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Online education has had an important role in providing students and workers with the skills they lack. Due to its flexibility in course selection and curriculum creation, it can help students acquire specific sets of skills they deem important for their future, and at a much lower cost than traditional universities.

Many not only offer separate courses but they also offer full degrees or the option to build a degree from a specific set of courses. This is important as it provides students with some level of security by having a full degree to add to their skill set, thus matching them to the students who got traditional degrees.

As their popularity increases, online universities now have a larger audience to tap into. One that includes not only students but also workers.

If they want to compete they need to understand how to communicate to this new audience set.

This report contains a short assessment of the online education sector in the United States, in which the digital performance of the top 6 online universities was briefly analyzed, along with some profiling data of the audience that visited these universities’ websites during 2018.

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