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Supermarkets Industry Report UK | WYgroup Business Intelligence

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As consumers increasingly turn to digital, physical stores have to find ways to entice consumers by providing them with a better shopping experience.

In order to provide a good shopping experience it is necessary for supermarkets to know their customers’ needs, preferences and buying behaviors. Here is where customer analytics comes in handy. Also beneficial is understanding how other supermarkets are communicating to the target audience. This because supermarkets are not only competing with ecommerce stores, they are first and foremost competing with other supermarkets.

This report contains a short assessment of the supermarkets industry in the United Kingdom, in which the digital performance of the top 6 brands was briefly analyzed, along with some insights regarding the audience that visited these brands websites during 2018.

Who is the Digital Audience
interested in these brands?

Og visitors were from Greater London
Display visits

Overall website visits

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