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Software products, apps and digital tools are unique in that a wealth of product usage data can be collected. Product usage data tells you about the end user, what they are doing while interacting with a product, when they use it and for how long.

Once you start digging into product usage data, what metrics should you examine? With product usage it’s easy to venture into information overload territory because there’s so much data available. Below are product usage metrics that are commonly tracked:

Usage Frequency – Usage frequency tells you how often customers are using your product. The goal is to have customers use your product on a regular basis, which indicates satisfaction and that it’s meeting customer needs.

Time Spent Using the Product – If customers only use your product for short periods it could be a sign that the user experience needs improvement. Customers should also be able to perform tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

Bug Reports – How many bug reports do users send in? A sizeable number of bug reports indicates that product quality could be lacking.

Customer Retention – Product quality is directly related to how well you hold on to customers.

Churn Rate – Metrics related to churn rate, the percentage of customers that stop subscribing to a product or service, are ideal for product usage analytics. Insight into how your product is used can reduce churn rate and increase the lifetime value of customers.

How Does Product Usage Influence Customer Satisfaction?

Decades ago, analytics experts began discussing how product usage influences customer satisfaction. Case studies have shown that product usage has a definite impact on satisfaction. Customer response can be further enhanced through product usage analytics that improve product development, performance, communication and engagement. All of these factors play a role in customer satisfaction.

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