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There are various algorithms in Google that influence the search ranking. Penguin and Panda are also part of the algorithm that works on different elements. Penguin is for the quality of links whereas Panda is for the quality of content.

Google Panda

Does Google Panda keep a check on whether the quality of content is good enough to rank in the search engines or not?

Panda keeps an eye on various issues in content which can lead to the low ranking of the website. Have a look at the factors not at all acceptable by the Panda:

Thin content

Only adding the content on the website in bulks will not improve the website ranking. Thin content is content that never adds any value to the readers. In fact, such kind of content adds no value to the business as well and hardly brings any conversion.

Duplicate and low-quality content

Duplicity in content always affects the website ranking very badly. This is the reason it is always advisable to produce unique and quality content. this will help to rank good in the search engines. If a piece of content is copied from any other source, then google Panda is good enough at figure out.

There are various algorithms in Google that influence the search ranking. Penguin and Panda are also part of the algorithm that works on different elements.

Panda can easily understand that if the content on your website is copied or created originally. In the case of duplicity in content, website ranking is affected. On the other hand, the website having low-quality content keeps on struggling to get higher ranking but unfortunately did not get success. If you want to recover from the Panda hit then here are a few tips:

1) Always emphasize the quality of the content. Quality content is always error-free, grammatically correct and informative to attract the users.
2) Do not copy content from any other site. Try to produce new and unique content.
3) Overstuffing of keywords is not all recommended. It will make the content more likely to be penalized.
4) Make the content-rich in the information that can add some value to the users.

Google Penguin

Penguin keeps a check on the black hat link building techniques used for the purpose of manipulating the SERP results. Links play a very important role whether it is about SEO or a website’s authority.

Links help to build the authority of the website and also build the trust of the visitors on your website. If a reputed website links to your website, it is a kind of recommendation for your website. It means that your website can be trusted. But sometime in order to rank in the search engines, websites purchase or somehow collect links from the low-quality and irrelevant websites. To keep an eye on such kind of links the Penguin algorithm update is here.

Anchor text is another element checked by the penguin. Anchor text is basically the underlined part of the text when you click a link.

Hence, the penguin algorithm always keeps on detecting self-made and low-quality links. So that only genuine, relevant and high-quality links are rewarded with better ranking.

Penguin algorithm checks the incoming links only. Outbound links are not taken into consideration by the Penguin. So, if you want to recover your website from the hit of the Penguin algorithm then:

1) Work on the unnatural links, try to remove them and if removal is not possible then ask Google not to consider it using disavow tool.
2) Make sure the website have high-quality links.
3) Do not go for over-optimization of anchor text.

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