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Likert scale is one of the most widely used methods of scaling that is used for surveys. It is usually a 5 or a 7-point scale which is used to measure attitudes and opinions by asking your customers a bunch of questions on a particular topic or by using semantics. They use a fixed choice response statement and it is designed to measure attitudes and opinions.

It is one of the most reliable ways to measure opinions, attitudes, and behavior of a person towards a particular brand/business/product/service. It gives a clearer insight than a Yes or No question by giving different degrees of opinion that will make you understand the feedback better.

Primary reasons to use Likert Scale

  1. When you are asking a series of questions that revolve around a particular topic.
  2. When you want to measure customer feelings or attitude towards your company.

A Likert scale question helps to quantify customer feelings towards you. Though it is insightful than a simple yes or no question, you must follow up a Likert scale question for in-depth knowledge.

The most sought after NPS survey tools are built around the Likert Scale question type. It is dubbed as THE ULTIMATE QUESTION. Customers are asked to rate how likely they are to recommend the brand to their friends or family.

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